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I imagined world peace when I began by hand in 1987, and I saw a start with a warning from God.  I wrote the entire U.S. Senate, and then went public, ordering from God, "Have no more war."   After, the Berlin Wall fell and the Cold War ended, because certain Communists respected world peace.  Those gains were grotesquely reversed by the U.S.

I received my 1983 Biblical vision, which is still mostly indescribable.  Years later I saw a floating candle burning from both ends, which my religion explains.  Shortly after I saw an illumination that matches what Isaiah described as the 'chariot of heaven.'  Finally, I saw an angel that clearly looked standardized.
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Prophets Receive Standardized Heaven-visions

Moving toward the relatively modern end of the spectrum, I received a mini-vision of being a floating observer over a group of men being crucified, with a glaring problem with one of those men. There was a starkly clean rope wrapped thick around his neck.   The other problem with the perspective was that the entire scene was in sepia. This brought me to reflections of the origin of the white collar worn by Christian priests, and also my efforts to point out Hebrew words are unflattering names in the New Testament.   I'm hoping to be blessed and connected to also get a perspective on the actual miracles Moses performed.

In around 2020 my Prophecy had me record 'And G-d threw water at him(me)" seemingly out of nowhere.   Again, thoughts of a 'starkly clean' entered my mind.   Combining the clean rope with the recent 'clean water', I've come to the belief that the true miracle of Jesus was a baby that was cleaned after emergence from the womb by G-d.   I may change my mind.

Hope For Our Nation

My top law proposals are a reason for hope, and my first is a mandatory introductory course on the five major world religions in our high schools (here), which can be enacted as an economic duty.   We've never had a national course requirement, but now is the time for this specific course, alongside an American History/Social Studies requirement about thirty five of the states currently impose.

Second, I'm proposing the Veteran's Administration system be replaced with lifelong conventional health insurance vouchers to veterans, if warranted, and the division converted to enrollment functions.   We no longer have a need to specialize medicine for battle injuries, and we can advance in insuring a wider range of citizens.

A third is to enact the end of the repugnant American Legion preamble, using God's name in vain.   Much of this nation's immorality stems from the egotism the Congress mandated association shows here.

Common Messiah

Christianity has accepted two Messiahs, through the inclusion of the Old Testament.   The Book of Daniel clearly says, "...Michael...at the End of Days...", the Books of Moses named Jeshurun, and I saw an Aleph of fire and color when I had my vision.  

If you're able, your donations will snowball my proposals.   Actually, your giving a dollar per person is mandatory, as one-dollar bills use an eye in a vision on a pedestal, and God has noticed and made another warning.   However, I'm not suggesting hundreds of millions of dollars for myself, because Moses makes clear how to stop collecting.   I hope you'll consider giving a dollar for several of your family members too, and rounding your donation to a practical $5 or $10 amount.
Please donate now to save lives!

Previous Blunders

How could the USA be so stupid in 1980?   A new Iranian leader was brought in at the behest of students.   They had taken hostages in the US Embassy, but that was a spontaneous response from the youth of Iran before the Ayatollah Khomeini had any influence.   He was a flattered clergyman in the perfect mood to order the release of the hostages.   Instead of welcoming a new government to the world, the US turned their insults to him.      Republicans began to believe in a superhero new President Reagan when the hostages were freed, but in reality the Ayatollah (hidden Bible mention, commendable constitution) waited for the American people to decide either to change leadership or not, and then released those captured, showing greater wisdom than the USA.   Unfortunately, Iran now threatens the U.S.A., Israel, and their own region.   I'll always wonder if our U.S. distortions of faith are to blame.

Near the end of 1989, I was in Washington, D.C., canvassing all U.S. Congressional offices, hoping they would come to their senses.   Then the U.S. decided to war with Iraq in 1990 and 2013, shifting war into all the surrounding regions.   First, Kuwait was not worth re-establishing, and second, Sadaam Hussein was the right leader for the region at that time.   "666" of the New Testament now is "towers" in my prophecy, addressing the 2001 World Trade Center attack [bottom], which was an act of revenge for our idiotic war.

Authoritarian Abuse

Blame should be placed on the '90s Plymouth Police action on White Horse Beach, the location of a pivotal landmark, leading to my alleged mental disability.   Imagine my mindset, after receiving two dozen non-spiritual but grateful Senatorial responses to my first contact, and then needing to put up with local police harassments.   Just because the marquee rock at White Horse resembles a dead horse, doesn't mean I should be subject to police anarchy.   I had canvassed the immediate area with my Prophecy [shown in archive] basically as far as the eye can see the year before.   Maybe they were influenced by Plymouth's inclusion on this (left) contrived Boston Globe front page of 1981.  

Plymouth Police projected their illness, and I reacted with public protest.   Then they asked for court mandated psychiatric evaluations leading to my extended hospitalization twice.   I was cleared of mental illness after two long hospital stays (one previous and unrelated), but after the third I was termed mentally ill.   A judge was so intimidated or convinced by them at one point he asked for a warrant of apprehension while I was already under his extended apprehension.   Maybe Massachusetts Constitution's three remaining bigoted and 'automatic' mentions of "Christian"¹ toward the Governor and Harvard University formed their actions.  

Religious Improprieties

Sadly, Catholic misuse of the name Immanuel, contrary to his relative size and role shown in Isaiah (Click - Bibles) interweaved with my description, [but left out of improper Protestant Bibles] has a direct correlation to acting out of priority when I commanded with the word of God against war.  

Another difficulty with Christianity at-large, is that the names of the Disciples and early leaders are largely Hebrew words, not names.   For instance, Hebrew conjugation places letters in front of root words, or behind, or both, or neither.   I find the form so tough to learn I could never imagine an outside work following that pattern by coincidence (click for more).   The apostolic names are mostly militaristic indoctrinations from ancient times, although in paradox they probably kept Jews alive at some point, as well.

Blame Where Blame Belongs

Three decades ago, I asked both Pope John Paul II and the U.S. College of Cardinals to condemn U.S. wars, and their inaction has led to present day world tensions.

In 2015 I recorded from God, "And the Pope came to visit America. And he got a very small child to yell at Jeshurun. And he got a very big lawyer to call him moral."   I wrote all the U.S. Senators the next year (click here) saying they are symbolically that 'lawyer.'

Finally in the blame department, the U.S. intelligence community needs more mention.  They knew my warning right away, over thirty years ago, and ignored me.  When they're not fabricating nationalism for our elected officials, perpetuating wars of ignorance, or coasting on light garbage intelligence, they're cycling in a pattern of disgrace.   Federal laws call them special?

After persecution for opposing U.S. wars, first as a toddler and then in my current prophecy, I was gradually forced into permanent disability.   I was told directly I would remain in a state mental hospital until I accepted Social Security support.   Now I live in poverty, in public housing, and I'm receiving food stamp assistance, for as long as the update stamp at the bottom of this page shows.

I urge you to donate generously toward this website's expenses.  The future depends on your contributions.

You'll see here at this web site, that the vast majority of the 50 State Constitutions show a separation of "church and state," and an acknowledgment of God, at the same time!   Unfortunately, we've been the victim of a backslide for too long, but the solution is worldly education, and advancing legislation.   The preambles established a hope for unbiased government, although Tennessee zig-zags, and we can't allow the current loss of good sense to continue. 

As a Small Child

As I've said, saying G-d wanted war with America isn't new to me.  In around 1965 I was interviewed by the foreign film crew here in Boston at the time making a documentary.   The pro-Vietnam War fervor was at it's height, and anyone perceived to have weak feelings for the effort was ostracized, never mind opponents.  I say interviewed, but I was only asked one question, having nothing to do with the aggression, being a small toddler.   As I answered, I acknowledged those dressed against war (hippies) nearby.   My grandfather had finished telling his story, probably about his role as a lawyer in the city.  I sometimes think the Japanese had their film developed with the presence of pro-war government agents, from the depth of attack I felt after.

On a separate note, find free readable, downloadable online Old Testaments here in full-size and mobile editions.   I spent six weeks retranslating many errors and re-numbering mistakes.  

Many years ago I met a prophet, and my jaw dropped at the spirituality on him, although he later erroneously rejected me.   From that meeting I have a better sense on proper etiquette.  One of the proper greetings when meeting a prophet is to kiss one of your hands.   About twenty five years ago I earned that type of recognition, and this country "...removed his veneration, and G-d wanted their genocide..." 

The 'eye of providence' which is the back of the Great Seal of the U.S. says 'vision' exactly like I had with God in 1983, and is used exclusively on the one dollar bill.   The public should be sanctifying themselves to me to prevent irresponsible groups, both public and private, from feeling themselves equals, while the nation's punishment grows.   G-d wrote "...giving money became mandatory.   And they refused..."

*Explanation of the top section

I knew the New Testament had chronicled the "number of the beast."  To my knowledge, the Christian religion never associated any responsibility with use of the word.   Placed in a leadership position by a Prophecy, I read the book once.   In Revelations I found, "the number of the beast, for it is a human number, its number is six hundred and sixty six."

Almost immediately after the unprecedented September 11th calamity, my prophecy used the word "towers" suspiciously.   Four Hebrew letters, that equal 666, sound out 'towers'; taf(t), vav(o,oo), raish(r), and samech(s).   The serpent's theme is found very early in Torah.  

My belief in Judaism's positive and negative commandments showed a serpent, and a divergence of futures.   One set of the positive's letter equivalents are raish, mem, and hess.   By manipulating them into a figure, a dragon or beast is formed.   They are the 8th, 13th, and 20th letters, in the 'aleph-bet' above.

¹ From Mass.gov

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