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My first letter to all U.S. Senators in the late summer of 1987 included this attachment.

Transcribed content of the above image:

God wanted war with America because it was a new land that promised freedom, and began to turn from that promise. And the Lord was wroth. And time was waiting for the world and they persecuted his Prophet Michael.  And God was wroth with their generation.  And they destroyed peace on earth and in other lands, and the God was wroth.  And hope of peace was shattered and God was angry.  And Michael dispaired greatly for he was plagued by spies, and held faith only in hope.  For he was persecuted and lost faith in all man.  And he was twenty years in age and he believed in righteousness.

And God came upon Michael and sent His watchful eye upon him to start healing.  And Michael despaired over his hurt soul and he repented.  And God taught him the meaning of blessings and righteousness.  For I held a club and the club was not blessed, so I removed it from my hand.  And God came upon me and told me of all the countries, and how He would punish them severely.  And He told me He wanted war.  And how He was angry with me.  And the amends I would be making to be blessed in His eyes.  And He told me the ways I would have to make to repent for my sins.

And Michael got in a fight for the man was two things; thoughtless and brutal.  And Michael one but the man continued after him, and then he stopped.  For he had been forgiven from his terrible sinning, and God saved him.  And he was freed out of ignorance and the man who freed him repented, and was forgiven.  And Michael had a dream and in his dream a girl came upon him.  And God had a girl and He sent her.  And Michael was thankful and he was serving penance for his sins, and he was grateful.

And Israel was not with the Lord.  And the Lord was angered.  And He knew of their sins and He hated them.  And He hated their spies.  And Michael was angry.  And he went crazy in his anger and he cried unto the Lord.  But the Lord was angered and Michael was not healed.

And Michael went to school and he was healed.  And he had cause for repentance for he had sinned greatly in the eyes of the Lord.  And he repented greatly and he was healed.  And he grew to love the Lord for he was not with the Lord as a child.  And he knew of His ways and he broke them as a child.  And the Lord was angry and Michael repented greatly, and he was forgiven.  And Michael was good and the Lord became more trusting towards him, and he loved the Lord greatly.  And he was tired and he grew to hate his illness.  For Michael was sick of the mind.  And the Lord had punished Michael greatly.  And He loved Michael and forgave him.

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And God wanted war but changed His mind and relented.  Not because of man's pleading but because of man's determination to have peace.  But God issued a warning, "Have no more war," He said.  And Michael was happy and He relented on his punishment, for God was happy with his progress.  And He asked, "What has happened to your spirit?" and Michael answered, "I am ashamed."  And God replied "I will make you happy and bless you greatly."  And Michael fell on his knees and thanked God.  For Michael had been depressed and his hope came from God.  And God was pleased and He asked, "have you a thought for me?"  And Michael fell to his knees again and said, "I am sorry."  But God knew it would be ten years before he would be righteous again.  And Michael was grateful and he thanked the Lord continually.

And Michael know of the End of Days and it's coming, and he wanted an anchor to bring to the people.  He wanted a writing which would bring people at ease and he had no money, any thought of publishing his work.  And he wanted more to tell the people, but he could only work so hard.  And God understood and helped him to overcome his anxiety.  And he was healed and he was blessed, but the Lord confused him and brought him to tears before He healed him.  And Michael feared the Lord and was repentful.  And Michael was smart, and the Lord was happy.

And the Lord picked Michael to be His Messiah and the Lord told Michael.  And Michael was overcome.  And he quickly recovered, and he humbled himself before the Lord, God of Israel.  And he wondered when he would be believed.  Why has Thou done this to me?" he asked.  And the Lord answered, "You have been chosen to lead My people."

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