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I may not be Evel Knieval, but I've had more than my fair share of bone maladies lately.   I owe many thanks to my doctors.

I already described my benign tumor on my right hip and showed some xrays circling the problem area on the Autobiographical main page here.    Actually the pain is compounded by a 1996 Anterior Cruciate Ligament (ACL) knee repair that involved a 'Femoral Notch' cut into my bone besides the holes for the graft.    That started to cause pain around 2011, and it was discovered a 'bioscrew' on my tibia never fully dissolved.    I wore a leg brace for about a year and the heat and/or rest on the joint caused additional bone replacement for the screw, although I now have a pesky bulge over the spot. The pain now seems to come and go with the weather, but the joint is slightly awkward, compounding the actions of the hip bone-island which slightly penetrates the muscle spaces on the surfaces. The last factor is my age and slight osteoarthritis in the hips and knees (probably more joints as well). My pain is being controlled with Gabapentin, Amitriptyline, and a pain patch. Update-Sept. '17: After my first Cortisone shot in July I was able to drop the two pills, and after my second course this month I'm back to my long walks.   Update-Jan. '18: Due to my eye brow pulling, and some chronic pains (joints, diabetes), I'm now taking Luvox, an SSRI.

I had a septoplasty and turbinate reduction on my nose in September of 2016 (MRI on the right before the procedure).    The operation might not be for everyone, but my mouth-open sleeping has been cured, among other improvements.
If you look at the supporting bone of the ring finger in the xray above, the bubbles you see inside are called an "Enchondroma." In 2011 that benign form of soft tumor was discovered by accident when I was complaining about a different problem on my index finger. I was extremely lucky to find that tumor, because there are no symptoms, and typically they are discovered too late when the bone has broken spontaneously. If that occurs, the break is extremely jagged and I'm guessing many abscesses can occur. After an unexpected break, much more extensive reconstructive surgery is needed, possibly involving replacement rods. My hand has healed well, although I have slight nerve damage over the area, and a rare muscle spasm every couple of months or so.

On an entirely different note, here's a fun map of states I've visited. I was stationed in Washington State for most of my military service, so many of the northern states were visited on the drive home to Boston. One of the two winters I was homeless, I hitch hiked or took buses the southern route all the way to California, where I'd visited as a small kid. I took a detour up to Las Vegas with an elderly driver that picked me up, and my basic basic training was in Oklahoma. On the way home I did a jog the length of Mexico, have family in Toronto, and of course was in Israel, so that totals three countries. BTW, this map fits really well on Facebook and is super easy to set up at the link they provide below the map.

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