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Archive May 1992

When I was feeling a bit desperate from the lack of response to my warning, I received prophesy I was half expecting.  I had a strong premonition I'd be commenting on Jesus more than the brief mentions I had, but the form in which it came was a pleasant surprise.  I now know this type of lineage description had been predicted in certain exclusive circles for awhile.  Even though the lineage would later be repeated in a non-congruous fashion, I remain happy about my composition.  To date, I don't know if the final version of Jeshurun will contain these lines, or others, or both.  I remember sending this to the major press agencies, at least locally, if not nationally as well.  I also remember giving it as a kind of Christmas gift to two neighbors.  The next month (Archive June 1992) I would mention Christianity for the first time, and misquote Amos.  The lack of reaction to these two blurbs to the press angered me.
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