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I felt compelled to write all of the U.S. Senate in 2016

I used a government database of addresses from a .gov page to make the mass mailing easier.   I only work with databases once a year or so, and that one broke partially, after a senator with "Jr." in his name, if my memory serves me.   I don't know whether to blame myself, or their software, but my records may be faulty.   I individualized several of the letters, like to Bernie Sanders, and to one of my own Senators, but hopefully this is the letter all the others were sent by U.S. mail.

Transcribed content of the above image:

Michael Ateek
March 16, 2016

260 Russell Senate Office Building
Washington DC 20510


I'm writing to reiterate a prophecy from God I made to all the U.S. Senators in 1987 (with a different last name), as since that time my warning "Have no more war." was ignored, and we now suffer consequences on a global scale for which the U.S. needs to accept responsibility.

I'm the Michael named in Daniel despite rumors the reference is to an Angel, and I urge you to reexamine your morality in light of continuous warnings. Since I'm addressing a vast majority that identifies with Christianity, I want to inform you God says that the country is "... no Christians."

Unfortunately, U.S. Intelligence seems to ignore anything but pro-war stances, so I always first theorize the best future is opposite to their views. When nuclear reduction treaties were made years ago somebody there should have included spies in the criteria, and maybe future treaties need that slimming like a full circle.

Recently the Lord had me record about how the present day Pope "visited...and he got a very big lawyer to call him moral." I loosely interperate that sarcasm to mean you. I don't know if another opportunity for world peace will present itself in my prophecy, or if war will bring peace now, but I won't be silenced. My website with further information is (redacted former website) in connection with my non-profit, Predicted Prophet Inc. On the Educational page there you can find a second Biblical name I noted below my signature, is left out of improper Bibles.

Thank you for your time.

Michael Ateek

Actually, Islam generally does call me an Angel, with some blessings, because they aren't directly addressed in my Prophecy, and are therefore allowed that distancing.   That also might be symbolic of Israel's size compared to the Islamic world, since that appears proportional to the standard size Angel shown to Prophets.   The Quran states the ancient land of Israel is a outright property of Judaism eternally. (*also Koran )

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