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Warning and Disclaimer:   Prophecy is known to take generations to find a final form after careful editing. My prophecy needs to be translated to the Hebrew language before all the strengths and proper meanings are shown, so the following may change or disappear in further revisions, and here at this page. This is also the reason some of the sections below are broken transcriptions.

★   Now these are the descendants of Jesus. Jesus had a son before he was killed. ... And he had a second son, with the name Goran. He had a third son. ... And he had a fourth son named Daniz. And the fifth born son gave birth to...Para, but the L-rd named her, "Innocent shall have the lead." (leading to descriptions of my lineage, note there are actually two non-congruous lineages in the rough draft, redacted and edited since the Archive "May 1992" section release) [B - rough chap. 16]

★   Now Jeshurun had suffered a double of his personality. And he considered it a test he had passed. And Jesus had suffered the same test. And he suffered a second. For he had married a woman in secret. And G-d was jealous for his sake. And because Jeshurun only suffered one, he was saved. [B - Rough Chap. 17]

★   And Jeshurun saw Jesus through the eyes of his mind. And he saw his resemblance. And he looked again, and he saw how he was killed. And he loved him for his devotion. And he looked again, and he despised him for his people. [B - Rough Chap. 18]
More Dispersed Mentions
And Jeshurun saw the actual eye of Jesus. [A]
And Jesus's eye came off the cross to attack America. [D]

A = roughly 1984-1989
B = roughly 1990-1996
C = 1997 - 2011
[D] = 2012

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