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In 1990 I wrote every national religious organization found in the largest reference guide.

Two of the five major religions, Buddhism and Hinduism, weren't represented by national organizations at that time.   Due to my fear of speaking positively about Iran, and paralyzing outrage against America, the construction of this letter was weird, but got the word out.

Transcribed content of the above image:

Michael Ateek
P O Box
October 9, 1990

To whom it may concern:

I'm writing to both gain your endorsement, and call your attention to new beliefs, being ignored, but vital to the advancement of faith. While the violence in our society continues, change must come from the highest officials of our government, who control action against other nations, and place demands on the rest of us.

The Lord asked me to show this nation's evils in such a powerful and shocking manner, that the current leadership is heresy. God expressed a desire for war at the time of the Iranian hostage crisis, then "changed His mind and relented..." but issue a warning, "Have no more war!" His unmistakable voice addressing politics since 1984, along with military isolationism are critical.

Three lines that follow are from that text:
God wanted war with America because it was a new land that promised freedom, and began to turn from that promise; and a Lord was wroth with their generation. And they persecuted His Prophet; and the Lord was wroth. And they destroyed peace on earth, and in other lands; and the Lord was wroth.

A message of this level, if not understood, requires examination and commentary. If you will allow me, my first name is found in Daniel, along with mention of a Prince of Persia. That man was without doubt Ayatollah Khomeni, and while our children believe he was evil, they are incapable.

In 1987, I informed the US Senate of my prophesy, but they made no effort to a obey. I wrote a second time, and a third, to help them. Their failure to comply is outrageous. The current crisis in Iraq is heresy, and unless our leaders stop their disgusting behavior, they'll destroy our culture.

As you may have heard, or can probably discern, I'm Jeshurun, and I'm anxious to serve the Lord. I've written this letter with devotion and prayer, and hope you'll find salvation from the word of God.

Michael Ateek


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